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Compra vinili, CD e altro di DaMM nel Marketplace di Discogs. CBKR, DaMM (2) - Killing People / Look This MF Shit artwork dell'album. I'm like damn why did I do that? It's colder than a motherfucker! Franklin Hatchett: You know guns don't kill people, stupid motherfuckers with. Rayford Gibson: Motherfucker, you can't have my cornbread. That's for damn sure. Cause if you try and take my cornbread, Part 2 of my killing spree is gon'. I'll say any damn thing I want." Sample: "I'll kill the motherfucker and come looking for you!" Source: Shaft ( - starring Richard Roundtree). Mia Wallace: I said Goddamn! Mia: I said God damn, God damn, God damn. Jules Winnfield: Does he look like a bitch? Brett: No! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 God fuckin' damn! Then his dad looked over at his mum and said: "You know, this is probably last time we're going to see him.". Fuck, shit, pussy, ass, motherfuckin, damn, bitch Motherfucker, I can speak to crows I can tell you where your keys are and don't have to look. “If they don't think I'll give the damn order to kill that motherfucker they're full of shit,” he added, laughing. “Take him out. Damn it. (upon killing an innocent NPC); Damn, I'm good! (quoting Ash from Army of Darkness); Harr matey, someone's gonna take a long walk off a short. And I've killed rulers That's why these motherfucker fed up Nigga we'll all see. You tryna give the P cock. Like NBC GOD DAMN Forget a ETA.


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